Welcome to SEGNUT. The Faster Fastener.

SEGNUT is designed in Australia to significantly reduce downtime by allowing the removal of most studs or bolts in a fraction of the time of conventional bolting systems. (frequently asked questions).
A revolution in nut technology, this patented design consists of an inner section with three segments, held captive by an outer sleeve. When the outer sleeve is turned in the tightening direction, the SEGNUT releases from the bolt and simply falls away.
A SEGNUT is a direct replacement for a hex nut. It spins onto your existing bolt or stud and can be torqued up using the same method you are using now. No re-tooling, or change to process is needed.
No more stuck nuts! Reduces nut removal time by 95% compared to conventional nuts. No more fused nuts means no more hot work permits. Also eliminates damaged gouged faces from oxy cutting. The SEGNUT is just better in every way.

Designed and engineered in Australia, the SEGNUT patented technology has been recognised as the future of nut technology globally.

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