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In highly competitive market sectors where increased productivity through better management of operational cost and efficiencies; and improved safety standards are key, Segnut will deliver a clear return.

Threaded metallic nuts are universal in industrial and commercial applications. Nut removal is required for maintenance, inspection or disassembly. In the resources sector, for example, the maintenance budget can be 30% – 50%+ of the mine site total operating cost and part of this involves the regular unfastening of nuts. With use over time, nut removal can become difficult and even impossible as a result of damage, painted coatings, corrosion, debris etc. Oxy flame cutting is the common method of removal requiring hot work permits which not only increases time but add to risks in fire and injury.

Segnuts have the full structural properties of standard nuts and can be used as a replacement in normal applications. The return on investment comes into play when there is a need for multiple change overs of equipment parts.



  • Mining
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil & gas
  • Marine
  • Construction.


SMS Mining Services – Caterpillar Dozer trial

Background: SMS Mining Services’ fleet of mining equipment operates in a harsh environment, which requires the regular change out of cutting edges on their dozers. Conventional nut removal methods require the use of a RAD or impact gun whilst seized nuts require oxy-acetylene cutting. This results inblade change outs taking up to 6-8 hours.  Learn more …

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Segnut Mill Chute Liner

Mill Chute Liner Trial

Background: The changeover of ceramic coated wear plates for a Mill Chute liner was analysed. All nuts (M16 Class 8) had previously been oxy flame cut from the liners. For economic reasons, some liners were reused and had the remaining stub of the studded bolt ground off and a new stud welded to the liner.  Changing to Segnuts resulted in a saving of 58 hrs (64% savings).

BORAL 972 Wheeled Loader Trial

Background: Boral’s quarrying operations in South Australia experienced a number of serious lost time injuries (LTI’s) while carrying out the task of changing out cutting edges on front-end loader buckets. These LTI’s have been hand lacerations that have occurred during the removal of cutting- edge fasteners. The smart design of the Segnut eliminates this hazard.   Learn more …

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Joest Exciter Test Bed

Background: The Segnut has been designed to improve safety and efficiency during nut removal – a world first in the market. This has been achieved whilst maintaining the convenience of existing tools and procedures. To demonstrate the use of Segnuts in vibration applications, the company teamed up with JOEST Australia to apply Segnuts on their exciter test bed. The tests undertaken involve slip-critical joints undergoing transverse vibration.  Learn more …