Ground Engaging Tools (GET) Replacement

On the job site or in the workshop, every minute your plant is not moving material, it’s costing you money.  Cutting edge change-outs cost productive time and can also be one of the most pervasive injury events in any mobile fleet. 

Segnut makes Ground Engaging Tools Replacement (GET change-out) safer and faster. Nut removal times are reduced by up to 95% significantly reducing downtime.

Segnut for Safer and Faster Ground Engaging Tools Replacement.


Segnut removes the need for oxy-acetylene cutting or grinding, saving time and removing the dangers posed by residual heat in the base metal and the burns it causes. Significantly reduced use of rattle guns minimises exposure to vibration related injuries (HAVS) and hearing loss.  Because Segnut maintains tension on the joint, the plow bolt doesn’t rotate during removal, removing the risk of hand lacerations.

With its patented, simple design Segnut allows maintenance crews to quickly, safely remove cutting edges, heel plates and other wear components without the need for special tools. It is compatible with conventional plow bolts and meets or exceeds the strength and torque characteristics of OEM-provided fasteners.


Segnut Ground Engaging Tools replacement 1


Segnut’s robust design is engineered to keep performing despite the worst effects of impact and erosion caused by material (dirt, ore, cement etc.) impacting it directly. It is a tough, reliable fastener that can cope with high vibration, shock and corrosion without degradation of the fastened joint.

Made from high-tensile steel and engineered to the most exacting standards, Segnut’s
survivability has been proven in the harshest of operating environments.

Segnut Ground Engaging Tools replacement 2


Segnut is installed on conventional plow bolts and requires no special tooling.Certified as a Class 8 (metric) fastener (Grade 5 imperial), it meets or exceeds the torque and tension requirements for even the most demanding application. Our 1.25″ S9 Segnut is specifically designed for the largest of Dozers and meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

Like all great ideas, Segnut’s simple concept is delivered with the assurance of rigorous
engineering design, testing and proving both in the lab and in the field. When tonnes per
hour matter, Segnut passes the return-on-investment test as well.


Segnut Ground Engaging Tools replacement 3