A SEGNUT is a direct replacement for a standard hex nut. They spin onto your existing bolt or stud and can be torqued up using the same method you are using now.

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SEGNUT’s innovative design significantly reduces downtime by enabling the removal of most studs or bolts in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional bolting system.

The advantage of the SEGNUT is the quick, safe and easy removal. SEGNUT does this by an ingenious patented segmented inner section consisting of three segments held captive by an outer sleeve.

When the outer sleeve is turned just a few degrees in the tightening direction, the SEGNUT forces do the rest and the SEGNUT releases from the bolt and simply just falls away.

  • Save up to 95% of nut removal time! Conventional nuts usually spin the bolt when they become loose then are nearly impossible to remove or have a long distance to thread down the bolt.
  • No more hot work permits! Hot work permits can be a long and drawn out process not to mention that oxy cutting nuts off is not an ideal situation.
  • Eliminates damaged gouged faces from oxy cutting. Machining of gouge marks can be expensive and sometimes not repairable.
  • Manufactured to most thread forms. If it’s not a stocked thread form we can machine custom for you.
  • A basic rattle gun and impact socket are all the tools you need to remove the SEGNUT.

SEGNUTs come in a variety of sizes and configurations. We are able to handle custom jobs quickly from our CNC machine shop boasting 9 machines which runs 24hrs a day.

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