BHP Confirms Segnut as an Approved Product

BHP adopts Segnut in its WA Iron Ore operations

BHP adopts Segnut in its WA Iron Ore operations

After more than two years of investigation, field trials and internal change management processes, the world’s biggest miner, BHP has adopted Segnut in its WA Iron Ore operations.

This week saw the final supply agreement being executed between BHP and Segnut Trading Pty Ltd. The agreement sets in place agreed pricing and terms of trade and registers the product on BHP’s Global Contract Management system, allocating inventory numbers against which BHP operations can order Segnut.

This is a major leap forward for the business as we begin to grow volume and industry acceptance of the revolutionary fastener technology that is Segnut.

BHP uses approximately 450,000 hexagonal nuts as retainers for wear liners across its iron ore operations each year. In the first instance, the intent is to begin using Segnut in applications where fire risk is high due to fuel load – specifically screen houses, conveyors and car dumpers. These applications alone represent approximately 180,000 to 200,000 units per year. While uptake will be gradual, growing knowledge of the product and its benefits beyond fire prevention and safety efficacy is likely to drive broader adoption over 2021.

Most exciting of all is the first full-scale installation of the product, which is underway at Finucane Island as part of the refurbishment of Car Dumper #4. The new hopper is being fabricated by Alloy Steel International and being equipped with M20 Segnuts which are used to retain the wear liners. Already we are hearing from wear liner OEMs that drawings being supplied by BHP as part of its ongoing maintenance programs are quoting Segnut as an acceptable option for retaining their liners in a wide variety of locations and applications.

Every journey starts with a single step. Segnut’s journey is now well and truly on track.

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For more specific information on Segnut’s applications in mining, and the prevention of fires due to hot works nut removal, please see these pages:  Ground Engaging Tools (GET), Wear Liner Change-out or Conveyer Maintenance.

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Mark Nicholas

GM – Business Development