Another Fire Caused by Hot Works Nut Removal – but there is a solution …

SEGNUT solves the issue of fires due to hot works nut removal

Hot works nut removal

WorkSafe Victoria recently posted a story highlighting the hazards presented by hot works used to remove seized nuts on a quarry site. While the recommendations in the article on the authority’s website are all useful, all are about risk mitigation rather than hazard elimination.

Had Segnut been used in the case quoted by Safe Work for this hot works nut removal, the fire simply would not have occurred, as hot works would have been completely eliminated from the task. As Summer approaches and the fire danger reaches its peak in so many mining and quarrying regions, eliminating risks and avoiding preventable fires makes common sense…

A link to the WorkSafe Victoria site is here : Fire caused by hot works nut removal at a quarry .

For more specific information on Segnut’s applications, and the prevention of fires due to hot works nut removal, please see these pages:  Ground Engaging Tools (GET), Wear Liner Change-out or Conveyer Maintenance.

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Mark Nicholas

GM – Business Development