Dozers are used through-out the resources and civil works industries to manoeuvre rock, soil and rubble. These dozers are equipped with replaceable cutting-edge blades which are subject to severe abrasion, resulting in them requiring frequent replacement.

During field testing of the Segnut 1.25” S9 nuts, it was found that Caterpillar D10T cutting edge blades featured close fastener spacings on their wing tips. While the Segnuts could easily be installed using conventional sockets applied to the inner hex of the nut; the close bolt spacing prevented the release sleeve being accessible using a conventional socket.

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Close fastener spacing prevents conventional sockets from fitting over the Segnuts outer sleeve as the clearance between the sleeves is too small. This means the tightening process can be carried out using standard practices, but the release of the outer sleeve cannot easily be achieved.

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Segnuts unique design makes nut removal safe and efficient. The development of simple but innovative tooling ensures that the product can be used efficiently, even in situations where spacing between fastenings is tight.

The Close Fit Socket is similar to a standard impact socket, however it has a partial open section on the lower hex. This allows the socket 60 degrees of rotational freedom while still acting to constrain radial loads within the socket properly. Only 30 degrees of rotation is required for the Segnuts release mechanism to function and complete the removal procedure, which means disassembly occurs in one action. This is unlike a standard nut which would require the socket to be continually adjusted. The Close Fit Socket was designed using relevant impact socket standards, FEA computer modelling and in-house physical testing to ensure that it would be suitable for use on ground engaging equipment.

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